Book Review : Random Attachment.

Here I am, still wrapped up in my dressing gown, struggling a little with my health, looking through my insta feed, to find the best medicine ever. Thank you so much for this beautiful, insightful, generous review; I love it

Stardust and Caffeine

By Gertrude T. Kitty.

There was something so still about her, like she knew how to blend into the backdrop or.. Into the shadows. She was the girl at the party who people didn’t remember.

Random Attachment is a coming of age, dark, humorous, romantic thriller. A twenty-first century Cinderella. The protagonist, seventeen year old Mia Dent, is overweight, unhappy, dormant at school and a crutch for her alcoholic mother. Together they live on a dangerous West London estate. On route to school one morning Mia spots Flynn Mason; he is the catalyst to change. In Mia’s imagination she constructs a personality and a back story for Flynn. She fantasises about them together. Following a second sighting she begins to purposely seek him out. In the background The Wolf is abducting young women and whilst Mia watches Flynn the watcher becomes the watched.

For me, this book has truly been…

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Being an indie author is challenging. I’m a DIY indie author which translates as I’ve no money for editing, writing courses, book covers or promoting. My front room is centre of operation. I’ve done GIVEAWAYS of my own book, which has generated a few reviews. Now I’m asking YA readers to buy my book and a bundle may come their way. So far only 2 readers have entered. So this is a cry for help. If you love 💕 YA, romance and danger then RANDOM ATTACHMENT is the book for you. It’s got ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ reviews but needs more people reviewing and sharing on social media. So if you buy RANDOM ATTACHMENT at Amazon I would be so grateful. Screenshot you receipt and you could win any of these bundles. If you’ve kindle unlimited even better. If you’re interested in YA movies do you think RA would make a good film? I’m a proud, independent woman but I know when I need help…HELP!


Behind every writer is a great reader

So I have a YouTube channel. It’s not pretty. It’s hasn’t the spontaneity of youth or the polish of a confident, mature woman. It’s just me being me really. I don’t know why I don’t wear makeup or dye my hair. I’m not interested in jewellery or cars.  I would have liked to travel more, to have more girlfriends. I’ve always been a book worm, a dreamer, a romantic. My family, followed by books, music and film make me happy. I’d rather: read a chapter than put on makeup. Cuddle up to my husband and watch Line of Duty. Binge watch OA with my kids.

I wasn’t destined to be a writer. Writing saved me. I had to be good at it. Opportunities are limited for people like me with few qualifications and a major disability that interferes with the standard time clock. If I wake at two am or five it’s fine because I can write.

Now I’m a channel producer, a promoter.

On Tuesday I’m off to The House of Lords for a reception related to my condition and its charity. If anyone asks what I do, I will confidently say I’m an author. I’m not getting ahead of myself; I’ve only sold about two hundred copies and have only a handful of reviews on Amazon, but Lynne, Andrea, Laura, Jess, readers of twitter and instagram have enjoyed Random Attachment. So here I am plugging away, asking my WordPress family to check out my vlog, subscribe, maybe buy my book, perhaps twitter it or instagram. I think what I’m saying is I can’t glam up, or be witty, or be someone I’m not to promote my book.

For many indie authors we need the kindness and generosity of others to make this work. That’s why #indieapril is so cool.

I read To Save A World by American author Hollis Jo McCollum. It’s my first fantasy read ever! About a world in chaos following an apocalypse. With Eithne, an elf breaking free of the confines of her tribe to embark on a treacherous adventure. Alongside the aloof but valiant captain of the guard, Darian, she challenges tradition with her bravery and
swordsmanship saving Darian. It is a drama filled with action, dangerous beasts, double crossing and a strong attraction between Eithne and Darian. I’m so impressed with this debut fantasy. To imagine worlds, conflicts, fantasy characters, geographical scenery is a talent. I think Hollis has only tipped the edge of her talent. If she had an editor and publisher on side I think she would flourish. Having enjoyed this fantasy drama I’ve started reading The Cruel Prince, so thank you Hollis for such a riveting introduction to fantasy.

Being an indie author is hard, my advice to would be writers is to strive to get professional representation.  Yes…it’s incredibly hard to get represented especially if your novel is a slow burner and doesn’t shine in the first three chapters…but it does happen.  I’m a great example of that.  So why am I now an Indie author?  Because I was an idiot really.  Seriously, so many reasons: I was too enthusiastic.  I said yes when I should have said no.  I wasn’t confident enough in my writing to know what was right or wrong for a character.  Catherine had faith in me but I lacked faith in myself. I think I wasn’t ready for it.  Now? I’m definitely ready.  I know RANDOM ATTACHMENT is a great YA novel, probably a brilliant Netflix film  My reviews confirm it and when I get a bad review, which I will, I’ll consider it but I won’t turn RA upside down in the process.  My poor agent must have felt like she was reading a totally different book each time I sent it to her.  I’m mature enough to know it was me and not her.  Immaturely, I walked away instead of talking to Catherine about how I felt. But it’s quite an overwhelming event when you are on the brink of something amazing.   Now I’m relaxed.  I take my time with my novels, give them the care and attention they deserve.  If Catherine took me back she’d find a better version of me.  A writer who knows her characters, who wont compromise them so easily but a humble client who knows how hard an agent has to work to get a deal.

Please come get me.



Get blogging girl!

Lately I feel this rotating bubble of energy inside.  Filled with possibility. I want to say I can to everything instead of I can’t.  I can’t implies weakness; my body maybe weak but my aspiration to become a successful author is strong. It’s ironic that at this point in time my balance, walking, neck pain, headache, fibromyaligia strikes so haphazardly that embarking on anything is a risk…but I don’t care.  I’m taking my chances…and a cocktail of painkillers.  I know the side effects of all my different tablets but I’m fifty two this year, ridiculously healthy other than my spine’s crumbling like Flake, so I need to embrace life now. God. Yes. Take the drugs. I need to live my best life now.  Just typing these words evokes a thrill…a flicker of a future beyond my four walls.

Like last Saturday was Book Club. The consensus was, I should stay put the day before, the day of, the day after.  I couldn’t.  This restlessness that has a hold of me had me heading to the local tanning shop.  For the first time in thirty years the buzz of bed three flashing on, heating my skin, warming my bones, browning the pale skin of my wasted muscles was medicinal. I can’t describe how peaceful and content I felt for five minutes. My son bought me a course and I’ve been three times now; skin cancer is the least of my worries. For a while I was in this vortex of negativity; the sunbed is a form of self care. Something I need a lot more of.  I’m off to the House of Lords on Tuesday, to a reception for the charity supporting my condition.  So that day I’m getting my nails done, it’s a luxury, but essential to my well being.  It’s going to be a tough day travelling to Westminster, standing around, turning my head to talk to people, getting home but I need to be with others with my condition, I’ve not met anyone else like me todate.  I’m excited to meet those that had the determination to create first the facebook group then the charity. It goes without saying I hope there is champagne and canapies.


Book club was great fun.  It’s very sociable; nibbles, dinner, alcohol, pudding, Jeffrey Archer.  I love it. I’ve made new friends, there’s catching up with old buddies, everyone is so considerate of my condition, the book chit chat is topical and indepth.  The charity is supported by the group; I deposited £18 yesterday.

Once Random Attachment takes off a little more I’ll be putting a percentage toward  Once I cover the printing cost of paperbacks, paid Amazon their share, there is hardly anything to put toward promotions.  I’m trying giveaways in return for a review should the person enjoy the book, Instragram promotions, Random Attachment merchandise for photos.  Published authors tell you it’s near impossible to self promote, you need professionals and I agree but I’m not in that financial position.  It’s fun though…coming up with mad ideas, arranging random items for a photo.  I think at the beginning I exhausted myself, I’ve taken a step back.  That’s why I haven’t blogged or vlogged for a while. I have to avoid dips in my energy level as negativity will creep in.  Inside all of us is a pocket of self-doubt, helplessness, anxiety, anger…having a long term illness with chronic pain my pocket balloons with negative emotion if I’m tired or rundown so I must take a steady pace. So, sprawled on my soft, pink sofa I binged watched The Crown.  It never appealed to me on TV but during Easter Kitty and I came upon it after procrastinating over Netflix and Now programmes.  I’m so happy we did; it was addictive whilst being relaxing and a change from our American teen dramas.

harrow italianAnyways the Sunday after Book Club I had a taste for more adventure. I can’t just go anywhere.  The longer I’m on London transport the more my neck will jerk.  The further I walk to a location the tireder my limbs will get. Together this leads to pain, immobility and my enjoying the event less. So we trained it to nearby Harrow, to an Italian coffee shop that’s more a cafe. It was highly rated on Trip Advisor and rightly so  because the atmosphere was vibrant, the choice of food was varied from a full English to lasagna to cake.  Kitty had a vegan breaky and I had the most delicious cheesecake.  The average person probably doesn’t give a passing thought to going for coffee.  That’s how different my life is…my flare ups are not fibromyaligia or myelopathy…these conditions are my norm, my everyday life…my flare ups reduce my symptoms: a burst of energy, remission of pain, a steadiness on my feet. Once, I too ran around the city from coffee shop to wine bar to brasserie. Popping off to Oxford Street, going to the theatre, clubbing in the West End.  I count myself lucky I experienced that.  I’m glad I was unaware of my congenital defects. That I’ve paraglided, abseiled, danced the eighties away, birthed four beautiful babies who make every day brighter for me.

My ‘hold onto the seat of your pants’ life reduced to a ‘slippers in front of the fire life’ and the carer became the cared for.   I felt like I was lost in space but actually I was an astronaunt in hypersleep because I woke up with an idea that I could be an author…that I had another life yet to live.  So it’s a great high when I get positive feedback.

beautyMy favourite book of 2019 so far is A Curse So Dark and Cruel, a contemporary retelling of Beauty and the Beast.  I knew it would be hard to follow and it was tough reading my book club book Kane and Abel.  I read it in my teens and couldn’t get enough of Jeffrey Archer material until his court case.  Back then, before social media, authors were as enigmatic as popstars, so it wasn’t often you heard their dirty laundry.  Also I found him a bit pompos and up himself so rereading Kane and Abel, although it’s a simple rich man, poor man tale, was pants.  However I did come across some jems recently: the endearing Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine who like Mia from RA has serious mother issues and two YA sure things by the fantastically named Rainbow Rowell: Fan Girl and Eleanor and Park.

meandtomMusic wise my song of the week is Lil Nas’s Old Town Road; both versions, his and the collaboration with Billy Rae Cyrus. Where do I get this bare chilled music from?  Spotify and my son Tommy who is constantly dropping me links of new music.  I don’t like all rap or all Emo, it’s got to have a distinctive voice and a killer corous.

Not only have I not blogged in ages I haven’t vlogged so I’m hitting it hard today.

Realistically I know I’m not going to be an overnight writing sensation but I don’t need a miracle I need for readers who like RA, to star it on Amazon, mention it on Instagram and copy by copy my identity as a writer will be validated. So if you love YA and you’re considering your next purchase take a chance on Random Attachment.  It’s a simple romantic thriller, nothing highbrow, nothing fantastical or magical but I’m proud of it.  I think it holds its own among other YA thrillers.  It would be lovely if you subscribed to my channel or followed me on instagram…slowly I’m building up my numbers.  Even if you don’t do any of this thank you for reading my post.


Feel quite guilty that I haven’t blogged for a while, but this self promoting business is time consuming. However watch this space. 🌸 Or even better download my book so I can catch my breath. No refunds…couldn’t cope with the admin 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Just kidding, you’ll love it, RANDOM ATTACHMENT is WICKED, ACE, PENG, SICK, LEDGE